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Journal Article Title:  :  A new self-activated yellow-emitting phosphor Zn2V2O7 for white LED
Abstract:  A new self-activated yellow-emitting Zn2V2O7 phosphor was synthesized by high temperature solid-state reaction. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) analysis confirmed the sample with monoclinic formation of Zn2V2O7. The excitation and emission spectra indicated the phosphor can be efficiently excited by near ultraviolet (NUV) light in 220–400 nm range and exhibit a bright broad yellow emission with the highest emission intensity at 531 nm. The broad emission band from 400 to 650 nm can be attributed to the charge transfer transition in the VO4 tetrahedra, which suggests that the phosphor is a promising yellow phosphor applied for white light-emitting diodes (WLED).
Keywords:  WLED; Self-activated; Yellow emission; Zn2V2O7; Phosphor 
Authors:  *Shao-Ping Kuang; Yan Meng; Jie Liu; Zhan-Chao Wu; Lai-Shi Zhao
Journal Name:  Optik 
Status:  Published
Publication Date/Period:  2013-11-30 
Issue No.:  22 
Volume No.:  124 
Pages:  5517-5519 
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