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Journal Article Title:  :  Experimental research on isothermal sorption properties of early modern and modern gray bricks in Wujiang, Suzhou, China
Abstract:  Based on constant relative humidity from the saturated salt-water solution under isothermal conditions, the isothermal sorption curves of early modern and modern bricks in Wujiang (Suzhou, China) are measured. The sorption property differences of various samples at different ages are compared, and their fitting formulae of the equilibrium moisture content of grey bricks changing with relative humidity are presented. The results indicate that, with the relative humidity ranging from 7% to 92%, the equilibrium moisture contents of the late Qing grey bricks are between 2.84 and 27.65 g/kg and those of the 1980s grey bricks are between 1.45 and 10.14 g/kg. The equilibrium moisture content of the late Qing grey bricks is about three times that of the 1980s grey bricks. The experimental data and formula can be applied to the quantitative analysis of the efflorescence of the historical brick wall, and provide basic data for the further study on the performance degradation mechanism of Chinese...
Keywords:  Building physics; Equilibrium moisture contents; Experimental research; Isothermal conditions; Isothermal sorptions; Performance degradation; Sorption properties; Traditional architecture 
Authors:  Li, Yonghui*; Xie, Huarong; Wang, Jianguo; Li, Xinjian; Wu, Jinxiu
Journal Name:  Journal of Southeast University(Natural Science Edition) 
Status:  Published
Publication Date/Period:  2014 
Issue No.: 
Volume No.:  44 
Pages:  441-444 
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DOI:  10.3969/j.issn.1001-0505.2014.02.038
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