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Journal Article Title:  生产要素市场发育与农户生产行为决策——基于江汉平原与太湖平原的农户调查
Journal Article Title (English):  Production Factor Market Growth and Farmer Households Production Decision——Based on Survey from farmer Households in Jianghan Plain and Tai-Lake Plain
Abstract:  分析了当前我国农户生产所面临要素市场的特征,以及农户生产行为决策机制,采用江汉平原与太湖平原的问卷调查数据,对农户生产行为决策机制进行实证。结果表明:当前我国农户生产面临的要素市场中,土地市场发育程度较低,农业劳动力市场不活跃,而非农生产中劳动力市场较活跃,且劳动力市场发育状况地区差异明显;当前农户生产决策以牺牲富余要素的边际产出为代价,是一个富余要素与稀缺要素边际产出异化的过程。...
Abstract (English):  This article analyzes the characteristics of factor market witch China's farmer households are facing, as well as the decision-making mechanism of farmer households production behaviour in such circumstances. And then we prove the decision-making mechanism by use households survey data of Jianghan Plain and the Tai-Lake Plain. Conclusions: (1) The characteristics of factor market are: less development of the land market; non-active agricultural labor market; active non-agricultural labor market with significant regional differences. (2) At present the farmer household's production decision-making process is: increasing the marginal product of scarce factors at the cost of reducing the marginal product of redundant factors, this is a dissimilation process of factor marginal product between redundant factors and scarce...
Authors:  洪建国;*杨钢桥
Journal Name:  华中农业大学学报(社会科学版) 
Status: Published
Publication Date/Period:   2012/4/15
Issue No.:
Pages:  23 - 28 
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