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Journal Article Title:  农地整理对农户农地投入意愿的影响研究———基于农地整理区域农户问卷调查的实证分析
Journal Article Title (English):  Research on the Impact of Farmland Consolidation on Rural Households’Input Willingness to Farmland: An Empirical Study Based on Rural Households’Survey in Farmland Consolidation Area
Abstract:  研究农地整理对农户农地投入意愿的影响,对完善农地整理绩效评价和农地整理政策意义重大。依据湖北省3个县(市、区)的188份农地整理区域农户抽样调查数据,构建Logistic模型进行农地整理对农户农地投入意愿的影响分析。结果表明:(1)农户对农地整理的满意度是影响农户流动资本投入意愿和固定资本投入意愿的关键因素,农户对农地整理的满意度越高,其流动资本投入意愿越弱,固定资本投入意愿越强;(2)农地整理的效果在不同土地规模、不同年龄和不同兼业类型农户中有所差异,土地规模大、非老龄、纯农户以及第一类兼业农户的固定资本投入意愿更强。...
Abstract (English):  Research on the impact of farmland consolidation on rural households’input willingness to farm-
land has great value in improving evaluation of performance and policies of farmland consolidation. Based on the questionnaire survey of 188 rural households of 3 counties in farmland consolidation area in Hubei Province,this paper established Logistic regression model to analyze how farmland consolidation affected rural households’input willingness to farmland. The results show that: 1) Rural household satisfaction with farmland consolidation is the key factor that influences the willingness of rural households’current capital input and fixed capital input to farmland. The higher degree of rural household satisfaction with farmland consolidation is,the weaker willingness of rural households’current capital input is,and then the stronger willingness of rural households’fixed capital input is.2) The effect of farmland consolidation is different to different rural households of land size,age and concurrent occupation. It has stronger willingness of fixed capital input to farmland for the rural households who have large size of land,not old aged,pure agricultural occupation and type I of concurrent...
Authors:  徐玉婷;*杨钢桥
Journal Name:  地域研究与开发 
Status: Published
Publication Date/Period:   2012/4/10
Issue No.:
Volume No.: 31 
Pages:  101 - 105 
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