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Journal Article Title:  农地整理对农户农地资本投入影响研究——基于农地整理区域农户问卷调查的实证分析
Journal Article Title (English):  A Study on The Impact of Farmland Consolidation on Rural Households' Inputs to Farmland—An Empirical Study Based on Rural Households’ Survey in Farmland Consolidation Area
Abstract:  从理论和实证的角度,分析农地整理对农户农地资本投入行为的影响。首先通过农地整理对农户农业生产投入行为的影响机理分析提出了理论假设,然后以3个县(市、区)的185农地整理区域农户抽样调查数据,构建多元线性回归模型进行农地整理对农户农地资本投入(流动资本和农业机械投入)的影响分析。结果表明:(1)农地整理对农户私人投入同时具有挤入效应和挤出效应,表现在农地整理对农户私人不同要素投入的影响存在差异:与公共投入呈互补关系的私人投入提高,与公共投入呈替代关系的私人投入降低;(2)各因素在流动资本投入和农业机械投入之间的影响程度各不相同;(3)各因素在流动资本投入和农业机械投入内部的作用大小有明显差异;(4)农地整理这一公共投入对农户私人投入的挤出效应大于挤入效应,而挤出效应主要体现在农户的流动资本投入上。调查亦发现农地整理对农户农业机械投入的现状影响并不显著,对其投入意愿有明显影响。...
Abstract (English):  Research on the impact of farmland consolidation on rural households’ capital input to farmland has great value in improving evaluation of performance and policies of farmland consolidation (FC). In this paper, influencing factors were theoretically and empirically analyzed. Theoretical hypothesis was formulated through theoretical analysis, and then empirical test was performed based on the questionnaire survey of 185 rural households of 3 counties in farmland consolidation area in Hubei province. This paper established linear regression model to analyze how FC affected rural households’ capital input to farmland. The results show that: 1) there are both crowding-in-effects and crowding-out-effects in FC. It has a different impact on essential element of production: the private investment which complement with government investment grows while otherwise declines; 2) the impact of influencing factors varied from floating capital input to agricultural machinery input; 3) the impact of influencing factors varied within floating capital input and agricultural machinery input; 4 ) The crowding-out-effects is stronger than crowding-in-effects of FC on rural households’ input to farmland, the crowding-out-effects is incarnated in the floating...
Authors:  徐玉婷;*杨钢桥;赵京
Journal Name:  长江流域资源与环境 
Status: Published
Publication Date/Period:   2012/5/15
Issue No.:
Volume No.: 21 
Pages:  597 - 603 
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