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Journal Article Title:  耕地细碎化对粮食生产技术效率影响分析——基于超越对数随机前沿生产函数与农户微观数据
Journal Article Title (English):  An Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Land Fragmentation on Technical Efficiency of Food Production——Based on Stochastic Frontier Production Function and Micro-Data of Households
Abstract:  农户作为农业的直接生产者,其生产技术效率的高低直接影响到粮食的产出。本文基于安徽丘陵地区粮食作物种植农户的问卷调查数据,通过建立超越对数随机前沿生产函数,从超越对数生产函数模型中可以定量的分析各个生产要素对农业产出之间的关系,进一步算出各生产要素的产出弹性;从效率模型,我们可以测算粮食生产技术效率及其损失的影响因素,重点考察了耕地细碎化对技术效率的影响。研究结果表明:农户农业生产技术效率仅为77.97%,在技术效率上还有一定的潜力可挖;耕地细碎化程度对农户的耕地投入行为构成一定的影响进而影响到耕地产出效益。具体表现为:随着细碎化程度的降低,单位面积的劳力投入逐渐下降,资本投入先增大后减小,固定资本占总投资比例逐渐增大,投入产出比值不断下降,耕地产出效益上升;丘陵地区粮食生产中已出现劳力投入过剩现象,而耕地的细碎化现状又使农机使用处于“进退维谷”状态;种粮补贴政策对农业技术效率提高的促进作用有限,因此在不断加大补贴力度的同时,更应该结合农业生产实际需求制定有针对性的惠农政策;土地质量是影响农业产出的关键因素之一,因此,有必要增加农业基础设施投入以提高农田质量;耕地细碎化不利于农户农业生产技术效率的提高,农户的农业技术生产效率随着地块面积的增大而增大;在丘陵地区进行农地整理项目规划设计时,应该尽可能使其地块面积在0.1 hm2以上,此时效率水平较高。...
Abstract (English):  Rural households are the direct producers of agriculture, their production technology efficiency directly affects the level of grain output. Using the questionnaire data from the hilly region of Anhui province, this paper establishes the stochastic frontier approach in the framework of a Trans-log production function. From the trans-log production function model, we can quantitatively analysis the economic relationship between the output per unit area and the agricultural factors, further calculate the output elasticity. From the efficiency model, this paper examines the technical efficiency and its influencing factors of food production deeply, focuses on the effect of land fragmentation on the technical efficiency. The results show that the agricultural production technical efficiency is only 77.97% and have larger room for technical efficiency enhancement. Land fragmentation can influence rural household’s farmland input behavior, and finally affect the benefits of cultivated land output. The specific performance: with the degree of land fragmentation reducing, labor investment of unit area land gradually declines, the investment of capital increases first and then decreases, the proportion of the fixed capital investment increases gradually, the input-output ratio is declining, the cultivated land output efficiency is constantly rising. In hilly areas, the appearance of surplus-labor input is very obvious in grain production, and land fragmentation causes the use of agricultural machinery in a dilemma. To a certain extent, the subsidy policy of grain production can improve the efficiency of agricultural technology, but the effect is limited. Therefore we should not only increase agricultural subsidies dynamics, but also should pay more attention to making the benefit farming policy which can satisfy the demand of agricultural production. Land quality is one of the key factors affecting the agricultural output, therefore, it is necessary to increase agricultural infrastructure investment to improve farmland quality. Land fragmentation is bad for the technical efficiency of agricultural production and rural households’ technology efficiency of agricultural production gets higher with increasing of the land area. We should try to make the block area larger than 0.1hm2 on which technical efficiency of agricultural production is higher during planning and design of farmland consolidation in hilly...
Authors:  张海鑫;*杨钢桥
Journal Name:  资源科学 
Status: Published
Publication Date/Period:   2012/5/15
Issue No.:
Volume No.: 34 
Pages:  903 - 910 
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