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Application of social media analytics: a case of analyzing online hotel reviews
He Wu
Tian Xin
Tao Ran
Zhang Weidong
Yan Gongjun
Akula Vasudeva
Online Information Review, 41(7), pp 921-935, 2017
Purpose - Online customer reviews could shed light into their experience, opinions, feelings, and concerns. To gain valuable knowledge about customers, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to collect, monitor, analyze, summarize, and visualize online customer reviews posted on social media platforms such as online forums. However, analyzing social media data is challenging due to the vast increase of social media data. The purpose of this paper is to present an approach of using natural language preprocessing, text mining and sentiment analysis techniques to analyze online customer reviews related to various hotels through a case study. Design/methodology/approach - This paper presents a tested approach of using natural language preprocessing, text mining, and sentiment analysis techniques to analyze online textual content. The value of the proposed approach was demonstrated through a case study using online hotel reviews. Findings - The study found that the overall review star rating correlates pretty well with the sentiment scores for both the title and the full content of the online customer review. The case study also revealed that both extremely satisfied and extremely dissatisfied hotel customers share a common interest in the five categories: food, location, rooms, service, and staff. Originality/value - This study analyzed the online reviews from English-speaking hotel customers in China to understand their preferred hotel attributes, main concerns or demands. This study also provides a feasible approach and a case study as an example to help enterprises more effectively apply social media analytics in practice.
Sentiment analysis; Social media analytics; Text mining; Online hotel reviews; User-generated data
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