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A novel synthetic test system for thyristor level in the converter valve of HVDC power transmission
Liu Longchen
Yue Ke
Pang Lei
Zhang Xinghai
Li Yawei
Zhang Qiaogen
3rd International Conference on Mechanics and Mechatronics Research (ICMMR), 2016-06-15 to 2016-06-17.
The converter valve is the core equipment in the HVDC power transmission system, a -nd its performance has a direct effect on the reliability, stability and efficiency of the whole power system. As the basic unit of HVDC converter valve, the thyristor level needs to be test routinely in order to grasp the state of the converter valve equipment. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a novel synthetic test system for the thyristor level with thyristor control unit (TCU). However, currently there is no specific test scheme for the thyristor level of HVDC converter valve. In this paper, the synthetic test principle, content and methods for the thyristor level with TCU are presented based on the analysis of the thyristor reverse recovery characteristic and the IEC technology standard. And a transient highvoltage pulse is applied to the thyristor level during its reverse recovery period in order to test the characteristics of thyristor level. Then, the synthetic test system for the thyristor level is applied to the converter valve test of /- 800 kV HVDC power transmission project, and the practical test result verifies the reasonability and validity of the proposed synthetic test system.
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