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Applications of the Illimitable Space System in the Context of Media Technology and On-Stage Performance: a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Experience
Song Miao
Mokhov Serguei A
Thomas Jilson
Mudur Sudhir P
2015 IEEE Games Entertainment Media Conference GEM, 2015-10-14 to 2015-10-16.
Real-time video production technology has to do with adding visual effects at the time of a performance production itself. This work describes research-creation, development and use of a software system, Illimitable Space System (ISS), in interactive artistic performance productions. ISS is a real-time interactive configurable toolbox used to create visual effects and musical visualizations based on input such as voice or gestures with the corresponding image mapping and also with multiple input devices. The production team created and used a subset of the features of the ISSv2 toolbox for an interactive artistic performance.
ISS makes it easy to explore rapid prototyping of interactive graphical applications using Jitter/Max and Processing with OpenGL, shaders, and featuring connectivity with various devices. Such a rapid prototyping environment is ideal for entertainment computing, as well as for artists using interactive graphics for real-time performances. We share the expertise we developed in connecting real-time graphics with on-stage performance using the Illimitable Space System (ISS) v2.
ISSv2; Kinect; Jitter/MAX; Processing; multi-modal interaction
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