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Analysis of the Chinese government cost in terms of the evaluation of government performance
Li Xing min
3rd International Conference on Public Administration, 2007-10-21 ~ 2007-10-22, pp 57-61, 2007
In recent years, it's common to give the evaluation of government performance without considering the cost. In order to display their performances, some government officials put emphasis on so-called image projects or performance projects, inducing overdraft of the government cost and the bubbled performance. The thesis puts forward that it's very necessary to take the government cost into consideration during the evaluation of government performance, so as to contain the growing trend. By analyzing the reasons in terms of limited resources available, long-term cost-benefit and the inverse relation between government cost and social and economic benefit, the thesis reaches a conclusion that it's essential to introduce the ideas of the cost management of business management into administration and establish the government cost management system.
evaluation of government performance; government cost; cost management system
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