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Applying Human Computer Interaction to Individual Security using Mobile Application
Save Shraddha
Gala Mansi
Patil Surabhi
Kalbande Dhananjay R
International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT), 2015-01-15 to 2015-01-17.
Individual Security is a major concern in both developed as well as developing countries. There are various ways in which an individual can assure his/her safety, one of the ways being mobile applications. We compared various security mobile applications and analysed user's opinions about 'Security through Mobile Applications' through survey[1]. Studying the problems, constraints and importance of quick communication in emergency situations we came up with few significant modifications for the existing mobile applications. Thinking on the lines of reducing the time of communication, we suggest a voice based activation of the application even when the application is locked. This idea is based on the principles of Human Computer Interaction and enhancing simplicity, usability and accessibility of mobile applications as a security device.
HCI; safety; emergency; GPS; mobile application; location; message; voice
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