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A novel proposal for all-optical decoder based on photonic crystals
Daghooghi Tina
Soroosh Mohammad
Ansari-Asl Karim
Photonic Network Communications, 2018, 35(3): 335-341.
In this paper, a new structure for all-optical 2-to-4 decoder is proposed which consists of six nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonators. The lattice constant of the main structure is a = 600 nm, and the refractive index and radii of rods are 3.1 and 0.2a, respectively. Simulation results have proved correct operation states of the decoder and numerical analysis is done in order to additional evaluation. The maximum and minimum power levels for logic 0 and 1 are and where is input power. The maximum cross talk and insertion loss are calculated about -38 and -20 dB, respectively. Since the operation speed of the decoder is more than 160 GHz, it will be appropriate candidate for being employed in ultrahigh-speed optical communication systems.
Photonic crystal; All-optical decoder; Ring resonator; Photonic band gap
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