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A novel phosphorus polyurethane FOAM/montmorillonite nanocomposite: Preparation, characterization and thermal behaviour
Semenzato Simone
Lorenzetti Alessandra
Modesti Michele
Ugel Elisabetta
Hrelja Denis
Besco Stefano
Michelin Rino A
Sassi Alessandro
Facchin Giacomo
Zorzi Federico
Bertani Roberta
Applied Clay Science, 2009, 44(1-2): 35-42.
The preparation and characterization of the diphosphonium montmorillonite (DP-MMT) obtained by the intercalation of the quaternary diphosphonium salt [MeOOCCH2(Ph)(2)PCH2CH2P(Ph)(2)CH2COOMe]Br-2 (DP-Br-2) is reported with the aim to use it in the preparation of polyurethane foam-nanocomposites and in the study of their thermal behavior. DP-MMT was prepared by reaction of Dellite HPS in hot water with DP in 1:1 CEC ratio. DP-MMT was characterized by X-ray diffraction which showed a basal (d(001)) spacing of 1.90 nm versus 1.25 nm of the unmodified starting Dellite. The basal spacing value is consistent with a bilayer arrangement of intercalated chains. DP-MMT was characterized by P-31 and Si-29 NMR in the solid state. TGA curves showed that at about 400 degrees C the weight loss in DP-MMT is ca. 18%. DP-MMT was then used in polyurethane rigid foam (PUR) synthesis (5 wt.%). DP-MMT and commercial ammonium-modified MMT (Cloisite (R) 30B) as well as unmodified MMT (Dellite HPS) were used as filler for PUR foams, together with Al-hypophosphite. Thermal stabilities were compared.
Nanocomposite; Phosphonium salt; Polyurethane foam; Montmorillonite; Thermal behaviour
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