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An Optimization Synchronization Algorithm for TDDM Signal
Fang Liu
Yongxin Feng
Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2016, 2016: 1-7.
<jats:p>The time division data modulation (TDDM) mechanism is recommended to improve the communications quality and enhance the antijamming capability of the spread spectrum communication system, which will be used in the next generation global navigation satellite (GNSS) systems. According to the principle and the characteristics of TDDM signal, an optimization synchronization algorithm is proposed. In the new algorithm, the synchronization accuracy and environmental adaptability have been improved with the special local sequence structure, the multicorrelation processing, and the proportion threshold mechanism. Thus, the inversion estimation formula was established. The simulation results demonstrate that the new algorithm can eliminate the illegibility threat in the synchronization process and can adapt to a lower SNR. In addition, this algorithm is better than the traditional algorithms in terms of synchronization accuracy and adaptability.</jats:p>
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