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A novel non-enzymatic glucose sensor modified with Fe(2)O(3) nanowire arrays
Cao, Xia
Wang, Ning
Analyst, 136(20), pp 4241-4246, 2011
Fe(2)O(3) was generally considered to be biologically and electrochemically inert, and its electrocatalytic functionality has been rarely realized directly in the past. In this work, Fe(2)O(3) nanowire arrays were synthesized and electrochemically characterized. The as prepared Fe(2)O(3) nanomaterial was proved to be an ideal electrode material due to the intrinsic peroxidase-like catalytic activity. The Fe(2)O(3) nanowire array modified glucose sensor exhibited excellent biocatalytic performance towards the oxidation of glucose with a response time of < 6 s, a linear range between 0.015-8 mM, and sensitivity of 726.9 mu A mM(-1)cm(-1). Additionally, a high sensing selectivity towards glucose oxidation in the presence of ascorbic acid (AA) and dopamine (DA) has also been obtained at their maximum physiological concentrations, which makes the Fe(2)O(3) nanomaterial promising for the development of effective electrochemical sensors for practical applications.
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