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Analysis of the cyclic stress in Inconel 738LC superalloy at elevated temperature
Petrenec, M
Polak, J
Obrtlik, K
International Conference on Heterogeneous Material Mechanics (ICHMM), 2008-6-3 ~ 2008-6-8, pp 1214-1218, 2008
The hysteresis loops of cast Inconel 738LC superalloy obtained from multiple step tests at 23 and 800 degrees C were analyzed using a generalised statistical theory of the hysteresis loop. The plot of the second derivative yields information on the average effective stress and the probability density function of the critical internal stresses. The probability density function in superalloy has two peaks, at both temperatures, which correspond to the two-phase structure. Cyclic hardening/softening curves and cyclic stress-strain curves were obtained at both temperatures.
cyclic straining; hysteresis loop; effective and internal stresses; elevated temperature; superalloy
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