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A novel method for nonlinear two-point boundary value problems: Combination of ADM and RKM
Geng Fazhan
Cui Minggen
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2011, 217(9): 4676-4681.
In this paper, a novel method is proposed for solving nonlinear two-point boundary value problems (BVPs). This method is based on a combination of the Adomian decomposition method (ADM) and the reproducing kernel method (RKM). A major advantage of this method over standard ADM is that it can avoid unnecessary computation in determining the unknown parameters. The proposed method can be applied to singular and nonsingular BVPs. Numerical results obtained using the scheme presented here show that the numerical scheme is very effective and convenient for solving nonlinear two-point boundary value problems.
Nonlinear boundary value problems; Adomian decomposition method; Reproducing kernel method
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