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A New De-noising Arithmetic in the Output Signal of FOG
Liu, Ying
Li, Yan
Xu, Jintao
7th International Conference on e-Engineering and Digital Enterprise Technology, 2009-8 ~ 2009-8, pp 273-277, 2009
To reduce the noise error existing in the output signal of fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and increase the precision of the FOGs, this paper established a mathematical model of the FOGs output signal, analyzed the error characteristics of the FOGs output signal, put forward a new de-noising arithmetic based on the wavelet transform, soft and hard threshold compromise filtering, threshold values were determined by multi-dimensions recursion arithmetic. Through experiment, it has been already validated that the proposed approach had the competitive performances on visual quality, signal to noise ratio (SNR) and the standard variation, it is effective in eliminating the white noises existing in the output signal of the FOG.
Wavelet transform; Signal processing; Fiber optic gyroscopes; Threshold; White noise
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