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Analysis of Effects on Residents' Demand for Urban Public Eco-System Services Based on A Case Study
Zhang Yi Fei
Meng Wei Hua
Zhang Lei
3rd International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM 2007), 2007-9-21 ~ 2007-9-25, pp 5045-5049, 2007
It is always difficult to acquire the demand information of urban eco-system services due to its public goods characteristics. As an approximate measure of individual demand, contingent valuation method (CVM) employs a hypothetical market to extract the willingness to pay (WTP). In the present paper, CVM is applied to get residents' WTP for ecosystem restoration of a landscape river in Shanghai. Results from 496 in-person interviews show that the average WTP is RMB 160.2 Yuan per household per year. Then, main factors influencing the demand and their marginal effects on the WTP are investigated by regression of Log-linear parameter model. The result indicates that income gap, Huji factor and living duration along the river have negative correlation; while income level, education level and level of confidence on the government have positive correlation. The results are accordant with the general theoretical anticipation and specificity in the special stage of economic transformation in China.
public goods; eco-system management; environmental policy-making; contingent valuation method (CVM); willingness to pay (WTP)
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