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Analysis on Patterns of Globally Coupled Phase Oscillators with Attractive and Repulsive Interactions
Wang Peng Fei
Ruan Xiao Dong
Xu Zhong Bin
Fu Xin
Communications in Theoretical Physics, 2015, 64(5): 507-514.
The Hong-Strogatz (HS) model of globally coupled phase oscillators with attractive and repulsive interactions reflects the fact that each individual (oscillator) has its own attitude (attractive or repulsive) to the same environment (mean field). Previous studies on HS model focused mainly on the stable states on Ott-Antonsen (OA) manifold. In this paper, the eigenvalues of the Jacobi matrix of each fixed point in HS model are explicitly derived, with the aim to understand the local dynamics around each fixed point. Phase transitions are described according to relative population and coupling strength. Besides, the dynamics off OA manifold is studied.
phase oscillator; HS model; pattern
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