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A novel lossless recovery algorithm for basic matrix-based VSS
Liu, Xin
Wang, Shen
Sang, Jianzhi
Zhang, Weizhe
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2018, 77(13): 16461-16476.
Lossless recovery is very important for visual secret share (VSS). In this paper, a novel lossless recovery algorithm for the basic matrix-based VSS is proposed. The algorithm has the merit of reconstructing secret image losslessly by using simple addition operation. The algorithm proves that the condition of lossless recovery of the secret image is xi 0 boolean AND xi 1 = empty set by analyzing the Hamming weight of adding all columns of basic matrixes. Simulations are conducted to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed scheme.
Visual secret sharing; Basic matrix; Addition; Lossless recovery
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