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Analysis and Optimization of The Rubik's Cube Center Shaft Injection Based on Moldflow Software
Li, Hui
Chen, Yan
2nd International Conference on Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering (MEME 2013), 2013-10-12 ~ 2013-10-13, pp 1566-1570, 2014
Fortunately recent years the developments of CAD/CAE technique in the mold industry have been obtained great progress and large-scale application due to its low-cost, high-efficient, all-position and all-procedure parameters designing and simulation function. According to the structural characteristics of the Rubik's cube center shaft, using Moldflow software to analyze and simulate the injection molding process, including gate location, filling, cooling and warping. Through comparison analysis under different conditions of injection molding process, the optimum technological parameter is determined. Finally, UG software is used to build up the model of injection mold.
Moldflow software; The Rubik's cube center shaft; Injection mold; UG software; Optimization
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