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Application of High Sampling Rate Data in Merging Unit for Relay Protection
Liu Kaibo
Lv Hang
Li Zhongqing
5th International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies (DRPT), 2015-11-26 to 2015-11-29.
This paper proposed a scheme of high sampling rate data in merging unit for relay protection. The data synchronization method based on the basic concepts of SMV, the low pass filter (LPF) algorithm and interpolation principle are studied, and then the protection scheme is proposed. The conclusion of the study showed that low pass filtering and interpolation synchronization scheme is simple and efficient for high rate sampling. That changing sampling data interface to enable the arithmetic and logical constant of protection can effectively reduce the risk of operation. This paper then tested the application in real time digital simulation (RTDS) system.
high sampling rate; relay protection; merging unit; low pass filter; simulation
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