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A novel Bragg fiber waveguide based narrow band inline optical filter
Chourasia Ritesh Kumar
Prasad Surendra
Singh Vivek
Optik, 2018, 169: 269-276.
Theoretical analysis of Bragg fiber waveguide based inline optical filter having a defect layer is presented. Defect layer is introduced in Bragg fiber waveguide by breaking its cladding layer periodicity. Considering the cylindrical wave equations, the transmittance of proposed wave guide is obtained using transfer matrix method. It is observed that the proposed Bragg waveguide represent photonic band gap and a narrow defect mode (pass band) is present in this band gap region. This defect mode can be obtained in any position between the wavelength ranges 1.241 mu m-1.550 mu m with the help of incident angle of light. The narrowness of the defect mode depends on the number of unit cell present in the cladding region. This proposed waveguide may be used to design a narrowband transmission filters.
Bragg fiber waveguide; Defect mode; Transfer matrix method; Narrowband filters
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