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An ionic electro-active actuator made with graphene film electrode, chitosan and ionic liquid
He Qingsong
Yu Min
Yang Xu
Kim Kwang Jin
Dai Zhendong
Smart Materials and Structures, 2015, 24(6): 065026.
A newly developed ionic electro-active actuator composed of an ionic electrolyte layer sandwiched between two graphene film layers was investigated. Scanning electronic microscopy observation and x-ray diffraction analysis showed that the graphene sheets in the film stacked in a nearly face-to-face fashion but did not restack back to graphite, and the resulting graphene film with low sheet resistance (10 Omega sq(-1)) adheres well to the electrolyte membrane. Contact angle measurement showed the surface energy (37.98 mJ m(-2)) of the ionic electrolyte polymer is 2.67 times higher than that (14.2 mJ m(-2)) of the Nafion membrane, contributing to the good adhesion between the graphene film electrode and the electrolyte membrane. An electric double-layer is formed at the interface between the graphene film electrode and the ionic electrolyte membrane under the input potential, resulting in a higher capacitance of 27.6 mF cm(-2). We report that this ionic actuator exhibits adequate bending strain, ranging from 0.032 to 0.1% (305 to 945 mu m) as functions of voltage.
graphene film; chitosan; ionic liquid; double layer; actuator
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