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Assessment of sella turcica area and skeletal maturation patterns of children with unilateral cleft lip and palate
Cesur E
Altug A T
Toygar Memikoglu U
Gumru Celikel D
Tagrikulu B
Erbay E
Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research, 2018, 21(2): 78-83.
ObjectivesThe aim of this case-control study was to assess sella turcica area and skeletal maturity in children with unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) and compare with those of non-cleft children.
Setting and Sample PopulationA total of 85 UCLP patients aged 7.5-17.08years (Group 1: age 7-11years, Group 2: age 11-14years and Group 3: age 14-18years) were compared with 85 control subjects without clefts who were divided into similar age groups.
Materials and MethodsHand-wrist radiographs and cervical vertebra maturation stages (CVMS) were used to evaluate growth. Lateral cephalograms were traced, and reference points of sella were determined. Sella turcica area was measured using a digital planimeter.
ResultsComparison of overall growth on hand-wrist radiographs revealed no significant difference between cleft and non-cleft subjects. However, according to the chronological age groups, Group 1-UCLP showed statistically significant delay in skeletal maturation when compared with the age-matched control subjects (P=.05). This difference was due to the delay among male subjects (P=.05). As for CVMS, more significant maturation delay was observed in Group 1-UCLP (P=.001) and was attributable to both male and female subjects (P=.05). Comparison of sella turcica area showed no significant difference between UCLP patients and controls.
ConclusionAlthough children with CLP showed significant delay in growth when they are younger compared with the non-cleft children, sella turcica area measurements were similar for individuals in both groups.
cleft lip and palate; sella Turcica; skeletal maturation
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