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A novel approach for real mass transformation from V2O5 particles to nanorods
Glushenkov Alexey M
Stukachev Vladimir I
Hassan Mohd Faiz
Kuvshinov Gennady G
Liu Hua Kun
Chen Ying
Crystal Growth & Design, 2008, 8(10): 3661-3665.
A solid-state, mass-quantity transformation from V2O5 powders to nanorods has been realized via a two-step approach. The nanorods were formed through a controlled nanoscale growth from the nanocrystalline V205 phase created by a ball milling treatment. The nanorods grow along the [010] direction and are dominated by [001] surfaces. Sur-face energy minimization and surface diffusion play important roles in their growth mechanism. Real large quantity production can be achieved when the annealing process is conducted in a fluidized bed which can treat large quantities of the milled materials at once. The crystal orientation of nanorods provides an improved cycling stability for lithium intercalation.
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