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A Ternary Zero-Correlation Zone Sequence Set Having Wide Inter-Subset Zero-Correlation Zone
Hayashi, Takafumi
Maeda, Takao
Matsufuji, Shinya
Okawa, Satoshi
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences, E94A(11), pp 2230-2235, 2011-11
The present paper introduces a novel construction of ternary sequences having a zero-correlation zone. The cross-correlation function and the side-lobe of the auto-correlation function of the proposed sequence set is zero for the phase shifts within the zero-correlation zone. The proposed sequence set consists of more than one subset having the same member size. The correlation function of the sequences of a pair of different subsets, referred to as the inter-subset correlation function, has a wider zero-correlation zone than that of the correlation function of sequences of the same subset (intra-subset correlation function). The wide inter-subset zero-correlation enables performance improvement during application of the proposed sequence set. The proposed sequence set has a zero-correlation zone for periodic, aperiodic, and odd correlation functions.
ternary sequence; zero-correlation zone; Hadamard matrix; inter-subset correlation; inter-cell; mutually orthogonal complementary sets
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