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An Approach to Evaluate Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil Based on CPTU Test
Wang, Jun Peng
Xu, Ye Shuang
Ma, Lei
Shen, Shui Long
Marine Georesources & Geotechnology, 2013, 31(3): 242-253.
This article presents a new approach to estimate hydraulic conductivity of soil from cone penetration test with pore water pressure measurement (referred to as CPTU hereafter). The proposed approach is based on the test result of the spherical cavity expansion of the soil at the tip of a pile. During the piezocone penetration, the flow shape of pore water around the tip of the cone is assumed to be a spherical crown and induced excess pore water is assumed to dissipate from the crown surface. Based on this assumption, a bi-linear relation between the piezocone sounding metric (which is the product of the pore water pressure ratio B-q and the tip resistance Q(t)) and the hydraulic conductivity index K-D is derived to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the soil layer. The derived approach expands the applicable range of existing approaches in the literature. It is demonstrated that the proposed approach can cover the entire tip angles of the cone and the modified equation can fit the CPTU test data well.
angle of cone tip; bi-linear relation; CPTU; hydraulic conductivity
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