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Alcohol-Processable Organic Amorphous Electrolytes as an Effective Electron-Injection Layer for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Liu, Gang
Li, Yan Hu
Tan, Wan Yi
He, Zhi Cai
Wang, Xiao Tie
Zhang, Chi
Mo, Yue Qi
Zhu, Xu Hui
Peng, Junbiao
Cao, Yong
Chemistry-An Asian Journal, 2012, 7(9): 2126-2132.
A new series of monoammonium-based organic electrolytes with the tetrafluoroborate (BF4-) counteranion have been synthesized. Replacing the pendant ethyl groups in the fluorenyl unit with 4-ethoxyphenyl groups dramatically improves both solubility and morphological stability. The characterization of the alcohol-processable amorphous ionic compounds as an electron-injection layer in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) reveals that the organic electrolyte that comprises a rigid linear-conjugated unit provides better device performance, with respect to its counterpart containing a branched bulky moiety. The capability of these compounds to facilitate electron injection from air-stable aluminum metal is preliminarily discussed on the basis of the investigations of the electron-only devices and photovoltaic experiments.
amorphous materials; electrolytes; electron injection; molecular devices; solution processability
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