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Accuracy analysis of machine tools using Elastically Linked Systems
Archenti Andreas
Nicolescu Mihai
CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 2013, 62(1): 503-506.
The paper introduces the concept of Elastically Linked Systems (ELS) to directly relate the machine tool positional and static accuracy to the machined part's geometric errors and form deviation. Practical implementation of the ELS concept resulted in a novel test equipment, Loaded Double Ball Bar (LDBB) which is a precision mechatronic device with variable load. The test method based on the device is able to reveal machine tool characteristics not obtainable with existing methods as for instance the variation of stiffness in the entire working space. The LDBB is used to experimentally evaluate the stiffness and the corresponding accuracy of five machine tools.
Accuracy; Machine tool; Stiffness
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