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A novel carbothermal reduction nitridation route to MoN nanoparticles on CNTs support
Yao Zhiwei
Zhang Xiaohong
Peng Feng
Yu Hao
Wang Hongjuan
Yang Jian
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21(19), pp 6898-6902, 2011
MoN nanoparticles in a size range around 50 nm were obtained on CNTs support via a novel carbothermal reduction nitridation (CRN). For the first time, a common (NH(4))(6)Mo(7)O(24)center dot 4H(2)O can be used as a Mo source to prepare MoN nanoparticles. A Mo-containing precursor was in a first step carburized and was reduced to a MoO(x)C(y)/Mo mixture. During further carbothermal nitridation this mixture-phase was shifted to the MoN phase through either a Mo(2)C or MoO(x)N(y) intermediate. Compared with the conventional NH(3)-temperature-programmed treatment (TPT) route that produced Mo nitride from MoO(2) with rigorous heating method, the CRN route favored the formation of Mo nitride from easily nitridable MoO(x)C(y)/Mo, MoO(x)N(y) and Mo(2)C intermediates. The phase structure of the Mo nitride product was greatly dependent on nitridation reaction pathway. The NH(3)-TPT route yielded cubic Mo(2)N, while the CRN process produced hexagonal MoN.
Carbothermal nitridation; Carbothermal reduction nitridation; Heating method; Mixture phase; Nitridation reaction; Size ranges; Temperature programmed
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