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Atomistic hybrid DSMC/NEMD method for nonequilibrium multiscale simulations
Gu Kai
Watkins Charles B
Koplik Joel
Journal of Computational Physics, 2010, 229(5): 1381-1400.
A multiscale hybrid method for coupling the direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method to the nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) method is introduced. The method addresses Knudsen layer type gas flows within a few mean free paths of an interface or about an object with dimensions of the order of a few mean free paths. It employs the NEMD method to resolve nanoscale phenomena closest to the interface along with coupled DSMC simulation of the remainder of the Knudsen layer. The hybrid DSMC/NEMD method is a particle based algorithm without a buffer zone. It incorporates a new, modified generalized soft sphere (MGSS) molecular collision model to improve the poor computational efficiency of the traditional generalized soft sphere GSS model and to achieve DSMC compatibility with Lennard-Jones NEMD molecular interactions. An equilibrium gas, a Fourier thermal flow, and an oscillatory Couette flow, are simulated to validate the method. The method shows good agreement with Maxwell-Boltzmann theory for the equilibrium system, Chapman-Enskog theory for Fourier flow, and pure DSMC simulations for oscillatory Couette flow. Speedup in CPU time of the hybrid solver is benchmarked against a pure NEMD solver baseline for different system sizes and solver domain partitions. Finally, the hybrid method is applied to investigate interaction of argon gas with solid surface molecules in a parametric study of the influence of wetting effects and solid molecular mass on energy transfer and thermal accommodation coefficients. It is determined that wetting effect strength and solid molecular mass have a significant impact on the energy transfer between gas and solid phases and thermal accommodation coefficient.
Direct simulation Monte Carlo; Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics; Hybrid simulations; Coupled method, multiscale simulation; Molecular collision model; Solid-gas interface; Particle simulation methods
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