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An anode-supported hollow fiber solid oxide fuel cell with (Pr0.5Nd0.5)(0.7)Sr0.3MnO3-delta-YSZ composite cathode
Zhang Xiaozhen
Lin Bin
Ling Yihan
Dong Yingchao
Meng Guangyao
Liu Xingqin
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2010, 497(1-2): 386-389.
A NiO-YSZ anode-supported hollow fiber solid oxide fuel cell (HF-SOFC) has been fabricated with stable (Pr0.5Nd0.5)(0.7)Sr0.3MnO3-delta-YSZ (PNSM-YSZ) composite cathode The NiO-YSZ hollow fiber anode was prepared by the immersion-induced phase inversion technique and shows a special asymmetrical structure with long and large finger-like porous structure near the lumen side of the hollow fiber. A thin and dense YSZ electrolyte membrane (about 10 mu m) was deposited on the anode by a vacuum-assisted dip-coating process The performance of the as-prepared HF-SOFC was tested at 600-800 degrees C with humidified H-2 as fuel and ambient air as the oxidant. The peak power densities of 459, 325 and 172 mW cm(-2) can be obtained at 800, 700 and 600 degrees C, respectively. The good performance at intermediate temperatures indicates promising applications as power sources for portable devices for the prepared YSZ-based micro-tubular SOFCs with PNSM-YSZ composite cathode.
Solid oxide fuel cell; Hollow fiber; Phase inversion; Electrochemical performance
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