Effects on bone tissue in ewes (Ovies aries) and their foetuses exposed to PCB 118 and PCB 153

作者:Gutleb Arno C*; Arvidsson Dan; Orberg Jan; Larsson Sune; Skaare Janneche Utne; Aleksandersen Mona; Ropstad Erik; Lind P Monica
来源:Toxicology Letters, 2010, 192(2): 126-133.


The aim of the present study was to investigate whether low levels of mono-ortho PCB 118 and di-ortho PCB 153, affect bone composition and strength in ewes (Dala breed) and their foetuses following exposure starting at conception and ending a week before expected delivery. In male foetuses, trabecular bone mineral content at the metaphysis was almost 30% lower in the PCB 118 (49 mu g/kg body wt/day) group compared to the control group (corn oil) (ANCOVA, P<0.05). In female foetuses of the PCB 153 (98 mu g/kg body wt/day) group trabecular cross-sectional area at the metaphysis was 19% smaller than in the controls (ANCOVA, P<0.05). At the diaphysis a smaller marrow cavity area (up to 24% reduction) was observed in female and male foetuses exposed to PCB 153 compared with controls (ANCOVA, P<0.05). There were also significant differences at the mid diaphyseal measure point between the PCB 153 and the control group females (ANCOVA, P<0.05). Cortical and total bone mineral density, cortical thickness were significantly higher, endosteal circumference shorter and marrow cavity significantly smaller in the PCB 153 group (ANCOVA, P<0.05).
In conclusion there were gender dependent effects on bone tissue and cortical bone was more affected than trabecular bone.

  • 出版日期2010-2-1