Atlas of marine bony fish otoliths (sagittae) of Southeastern-Southern Brazil Part VII: Atheriniformes, Beloniformes, Beryciformes, Zeiformes, Syngnathiformes, Scorpaeniformes and Tetraodontiformes

作者:Martins Conversani Valeria Regina; Brenha Nunes Marina Rito; Santificetur Cesar; Giaretta Marcella Bockis; Siliprandi Carolina Correia; Del Bianco Rossi Wongtschowski Carmen Lucia
来源:Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 2017, 65(3): 400-447.


In addition to the series of documents that we have been publishing on the "Atlas of Teleostei Otoliths for the Southeastern-Southern Brazilian region", in this volume we present the results of species of the orders Atheriniformes (1 species), Beloniformes (5), Beryciformes (2), Zeiformes (2), Syngnathiformes (2), Scorpaeniformes (9) and Tetraodontiformes (6). Features, measurements and indices were analyzed according to methodology used in anterior series. Three otoliths of each species have been illustrated and photographed whenever possible. The frequency of occurrence of each characteristic was calculated by total length classes (TL), and differences within and among classes have been analyzed applying the multiple chi(2) test (significance 0.05).

  • 出版日期2017-9