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Analysis On Causes of Freeway Traffic Accidents Based on the Association Rules
He Songbai
Wang Yajun
Yuan Xiaojie
Yu Zhaochen
Gao Wenwei
International Conference on Informational Technology and Environmental System Science, 2008-5-15 ~ 2008-5-17, pp 1085-1089, 2008
Applying FP-growth algorithm of the Association Rules to the study of rule of freeway traffic accidents' causes, the association rules between causes of traffic accidents and each attribute are generated, and conditional factors that may cause traffic accidents are mined out. According to the data mined out, the main contradiction influencing traffic safety is discovered, and prevention measures of traffic accidents are put forward, so that the purpose of decreasing freeway traffic accidents is achieved.
Traffic accident; the Association Rules; FP-growth algorithm; Analysis of causes
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