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Applications of Next Generation High Throughput Sequencing Technologies in Characterization, Discovery and Molecular Interaction of Plant Viruses
Prabha, K
Baranwal, V K
Jain, R K
Indian Journal of Virology, 24(2), pp 157-165, 2013-9
Present era of molecular biology is witnessing revolutionary developments in sequencing technology. This advancement has considerably influenced plant virology in the field of diagnostics and host virus interaction. Next generation high-throughput sequencing technology has made it possible to directly detect, identify and discover novel viruses in several plants in an unbiased manner without antibodies or prior knowledge of the virus sequences. Entire viral genome could be sequenced from symptomatic or asymptomatic plants through next generation sequencing of total nucleic acids including small RNAs. It provides census of viral population in a particular ecosystem or cropping system. Viral genome variability, evolution within the host and virus defence mechanism in plants can also be easily understood by massive parallel sequencing. In this article, we provide an overview of the applications of next generation sequencing technology in characterization, discovery and molecular interaction of plant viruses.
Deep sequencing; Plant virome; Metagenomics
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