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An isoform of the severe encephalopathy-related CDKL5 gene, including a novel exon with extremely high sequence conservation, is specifically expressed in brain
Fichou Yann
Nectoux Juliette
Bahi Buisson Nadia
Chelly Jamel
Bienvenu Thierry
Journal of Human Genetics, 2011, 56(1): 52-57.
We report the identification of a novel exon, which is referred to as exon 16b, within the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK)-like 5 (CDKL5) gene that is implicated in the X-linked infantile spasm syndrome and the early-onset seizure variant of Rett syndrome. Interestingly, it is highly conserved in species through evolution, suggesting a potential functional role, but does not display any homology with other referenced sequences. Most importantly, the transcript including this exon is specifically expressed in brain. We suggest that CDKL5 exon 16b should now be considered in the genetic screening of patients presenting with a CDKL5-related disease profile. Journal of Human Genetics (2011) 56, 52-57; doi:10.1038/jhg.2010.143; published online 2 December 2010
alternative splicing; CDKL5; conservation; early seizures; Rett syndrome; subcellular localization
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