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Assessing impacts of water regulations on alleviating regional water stress with a system dynamics model
Huang, Huiping
Wang, Jiangfeng
Han, Yuping
Wang, Lei
Li, Xinsheng
Water Science and Technology: Water Supply , 2019, 19(2): 635-643.
Many areas around the world are faced with water scarcity and virtual water can provide ways to resolve the problem. This paper presents a comprehensive water system based on a system dynamics model to assess how water regulations from the viewpoint of virtual water affect the regional water stress index in the Haihe River Basin, China. The results show that green water absorption, blue water consumption, virtual water flow, and water use efficiency play important roles in the water resources system. Water stress can be relieved by improving the infiltration coefficient, irrigation efficiency, industrial water use efficiency, and virtual water import.
blue water; Haihe River Basin; system dynamics model; water regulation; water stress index
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