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A novel in situ oxidization-sulficlation growth route via self-purification process to beta-In2S3 dendrites
Xiong, YJ
Xie, Y
Du, G
Tian, XB
Qian, YT
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 166(2), pp 336-340, 2002-7
A novel in situ oxidization-suffidation growth route via a self-purification process has been developed to synthesize beta-In2S3 dendrites. To our best knowledge, this is the first example to prepare dendrites of III-VI compounds, which are expected to show particular physical properties. The X-ray analysis (EDXA), X-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS), Raman spectrum and optical properties of beta-In2S3 dendrites have also been investigated. It is found that the product is pure In2S3 and shows the strong quantum confinement of the excitonic transition expected for the In2S3 dendrites.
in situ; self-purification; indium sulfide; raman spectrum; optical properties
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