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A New fourth order central WENO method for 3D hyperbolic conservation laws
Lahooti, Mohsen
Pishevar, Ahmadreza
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 218(20), pp 10258-10270, 2012-6-15
In this paper, a new fourth order central weighted non oscillatory (CWENO) scheme is presented to solve non-linear hyperbolic conservation laws in three spatial dimensions. The main idea of this method is a genuine three dimensional reconstruction procedure, in which a three dimensional interpolant is reconstructed from the cell average data. The procedure is performed on a staggered grid configuration and therefore, this method can be viewed as an extension of the previous work proposed by Levy et al. [5,6] to the three dimensional problems. The performance of the method is demonstrated through some standard numerical test cases.
Central weighted non oscillatory; Hyperbolic systems; High order scheme; Three dimensional schemes
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