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A New Insecticidal Sesquiterpene Ester from Celastrus Angulatus
Wei, Shao peng
Ji, Zhi qin
Zhang, Ji wen
Molecules, 14(4), pp 1396-1403, 2009-4
A new sesquiterpene polyol ester with a beta-dihydroagarofuran skeleton, NW37 (1), and three known compounds NW13 (2), NW16 (3) and NW35 (4) were isolated by bioassay-guided fractionation from the highly polar MeOH extracts of the root bark of Celastrus angulatus. Their chemical structures were elucidated mainly by analyses of MS and NMR spectral data. The insecticidal activity of compound 1 against 4(th) instar Mythimna separata larvae with a KD(50) value of 252.3 mu g.g(-1) was demonstrated.
Celastrus angulatus; beta-dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpene; Insecticidal activity
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