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A Dynamic model of ROV with a Robotic Manipulator Using Kane's Method
Yang Ke
Wang Xuyang
Ge Tong
Wu Chao
5th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (ICMTMA), China,Hong Kong, 2013-01-16 to 2013-01-17.
The paper presents a detailed methodology for dynamic modeling of ROV with a robotic manipulator using Kane's dynamic equations. This methodology allows construction of the dynamic model simply and incrementally. The generalized active forces and the generalized inertia forces were deduced. The forces which contribute to dynamics were determined by Kane's approach. The model developed in this paper includes inertia force, gravity, buoyancy, control inputs and two major hydrodynamic forces: added mass, profile drag. The equations of hydrodynamic forces were deduced. The methodology provides a direct method for incorporating external environmental forces into the model. The resulting model is obtained in closed form. It is computationally efficient and provides physical insight as to what forces really influence the system dynamics. The dynamic model provides a framework for modern model-based control schemes.
ROV With Robotic Manipulator; Dynamic Model; Kane's Dynamic Equations; Generalized Inertia Forces; Generalized Active Forces; Hydrodynamic Forces
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