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A novel multiplex absorption spectrometer for time-resolved studies
Lewis Thomas
Heard Dwayne E
Blitz Mark A
Review of Scientific Instruments, 2018, 89(2): 024101.
A Time-Resolved Ultraviolet/Visible (UV/Vis) Absorption Spectrometer (TRUVAS) has been developed that can simultaneously monitor absorption at all wavelengths between 200 and 800 nm with millisecond time resolution. A pulsed photolysis laser (KrF 248 nm) is used to initiate chemical reactions that create the target species. The absorption signals from these species evolve as the composition of the gas in the photolysis region changes over time. The instrument can operate at pressures over the range similar to 10-800 Torr and can measure time-resolved absorbances < 10(-4) in the UV (300 nm) and even lower in the visible (580 nm) 2.3 x 10(-5), with the peak of sensitivity at similar to 500 nm. The novelty of this setup lies in the arrangement of the multipass optics. Although appearing similar to other multipass optical systems (in particular the Herriott cell), there are fundamental differences, most notably the ability to adjust each mirror to maximise the overlap between the probe beam and the photolysis laser. Another feature which aids the sensitivity and versatility of the system is the use of 2 high-throughput spectrographs coupled with sensitive line-array CCDs, which can measure absorbance from similar to 200 to 800 nm simultaneously. The capability of the instrument is demonstrated via measurements of the absorption spectrum of the peroxy radical, HOCH2CH2O2, and its self-reaction kinetics. Published by AIP Publishing.
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