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Analysis and Research on the calculation of user data security and privacy services in the cloud
Zhou Xianlin
International Industrial Informatics and Computer Engineering Conference (IIICEC), 2015-01-10 to 2015-01-11.
The problem of data security is one of the main problems plaguing the development of cloud computing, in view of the current cloud computing user data safety storage applications demand increase, need to greatly improve the data read-write efficiency problems, put forward the use of symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption algorithm combining encryption, decryption scheme, suitable for large-scale data using a symmetric key encryption the symmetric key is itself, rather than the characteristics of high safety, give full play to the advantages of both computing environment in the clouds, to achieve a safe storage and good reading and writing data storage strategy to achieve high efficiency; the premise of asymmetric key encryption system in data security, the efficiency of the algorithm is close to the encryption system the symmetric key levels.
cloud computing; cloud storage; data security; data encryption
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