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A novel device for testing the mechanical behavior of metal electrodeposits during cathode stripping
Majuste D
Bubani F C
Martins E L C
Cetlin P R
Ciminelli V S T
Hydrometallurgy, 2017, 169: 393-398.
The effect of the morphology and the crystallographic texture on the mechanical behavior of zinc electrode posits is described. The mechanical behavior was assessed with a customized bending device and correlated to the main features of the deposit. The methodology proposed in this paper allows a better assessment of the effect of impurities (organics/inorganics) or additives on the quality of metal deposits, thereby assisting industry to optimize conditions and increase productivity. Bending tests carried out up to a bending angle of 50 revealed that the organic contaminants affect the mechanical properties of the zinc deposit differently. These properties were found to be strongly correlated to the electrodeposit's features. Highly porous deposits showed low ductility, which in turn caused the fracture of the sample at small bending angles, thus impeding effective stripping. The results obtained from the bending tests allowed a semi-quantitative prediction for the behavior of different zinc deposits during the stripping operation.
Electrowinning; Zinc; Organic impurities; Bending behavior; Stripping
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