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Acute Thermal Injury of the Esophagus from Solid Food: Clinical Course and Endoscopic Findings
Chung, Woo Chul
Paik, Chang Nyol
Jung, Ji Han
Kim, Jin Dong
Lee, Kang Moon
Yang, Jin Mo
Journal of Korean Medical Science, 25(3), pp 489-491, 2010-3
A 53-yr-old man presented with a two-day history of odynophagia and a foreign body sensation. Two days before admission, the patient began to experience odynophagia and a foreign body sensation in the chest after swallowing several extremely hot pieces of solid food (prawn) in haste. Endoscopy revealed a huge longitudinal ulcer, typical of friable hyperemic mucosa with necrotic debris along the full length of the esophagus in the posterolateral region. Here we present the clinical course of serial endoscopy of an acute thermal injury of the esophagus caused by solid food.
Acute Thermal Injury; Esophagus; Solid Food
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