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A novel multifrequency mobile phone antenna with circularly polarized GPS application
Xi Lei
Zhai Huiqing
Li Long
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2018, 60(8): 2033-2038.
A novel multifrequency mobile phone antenna with circularly polarized Global Position System (GPS) application is presented in this research. The antenna is composed of a gradient T-type feedline and a ring-metal patch with 4 different branches. Specifically, T-shaped feedline and the ring-metal patch are contributed to resonate in 1300 MHz-1900 MHz. Meanwhile, the phase difference generated by the four branches of varying lengths, the antenna produces circular polarization at 1575 MHz. The etching slot in the patch can make the antenna work in 2400 MHz-2700 MHz. The experimental results verify the simulations. The designed antenna can be covered in Global System for Mobile Communications/Digital Communication System/GPS/Long Term Evolution/Wireless Local Area Network/Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and other system operating frequency bands, which is suitable for the current multisystem mobile phone.
Global Position System application; gradient T-type feedline; mobile phone antenna; multifrequency
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