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An Osmium-DNA interstrand complex: Application to facile DNA methylation analysis
Tanaka Kazuo
Tainaka Kazuki
Umemoto Tadashi
Nomura Akiko
Okamoto Akimitsu
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2007, 129(46): 14511-14517.
Nucleic acids often acquire new functions by forming a variety of complexes with metal ions. Osmium, in an oxidized state, also reacts with C5-methylated pyrimidines. However, control of the sequence specificity of osmium complexation with DNA is still immature, and the value of the resulting complexes is unknown. We have designed a bipyridine-attached adenine derivative for sequence-specific osmium complexation. Sequence-specific osmium complexation was achieved by hybridization of a short DNA molecule containing this functional nucleotide to a target DNA sequence and resulted in the formation of a cross-linked structure. The interstrand cross-link clearly distinguished methylated cytosines from unmethylated cytosines and was used to quantify the degree of methylation at a specific cytosine in the genome.
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